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Hydraulic Breaker

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Hydraulic Breaker


a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

│Special Features│

  • Superior Power / Efficiency
  • Reliable Availability
  • High Productivity
  • Extended Durability
  • Simple & Easy Maintenance
  • Quick Customer Service

1. T-series

>> Specfication

T Series
T Series

2. F-series

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F Series

3. E-series

>> Specfication

E Series

>> Product Functions

  • Extended piston stroke

    - Smoother operation
    - Minimal repercussion on carrie

  • Improved properties(Piston)

    - Improved emergency running properties
    - Manufactured with high-quality nickel & vanadium alloy steel

  • GB tool

    - Exceptional performance and reliability
    - Manufactured with high-quality alloy steel

  • Back Head

    - Power accumulator

  • Lubrication adequate for entire shift

    - Reduced wear and tear
    - Consistent availability due to extended maintenance intervals

  • Cylinder & Valve

    - Prevents scoring with precision finishing treatment

  • Tie rod

    - Dynamic screw design prevents damage

  • Accumulator (Some models applied)

    - Reduces irregular pulse pressure on hydraulic circuit
    - Improved striking power with supply of accumulated gas pressure

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